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Click the link above to view a slideshow of my past and recent projects from my portfolio, including remarks on how they are utilized by small businesses and organizations.

You can view the sideshow on both desktop and mobile to see how each website is responsively displayed on each device.

A web presence is important for any business, allowing customers to find basic information instantly online which leads to more contacts, sales, and increased brand loyalty. Further, each of these sites is used in unique ways by the business and the community in which it operates. Read more about the services I provide while building and maintaining the sites in my portfolio slideshow.

Portfolio Slideshow

This is a slideshow of some of my past and present projects, including remarks on how they are used by small businesses and organizations.

Click the arrows and scroll in this orange box to view and interact with some of my websites.

You can view slides of the following example websites:

  • A Booking/Reservations website.
  • A Photographer’s Gallery
  • An Online Store for an artist which has been powerfully customized.
  • A Town/Municipality website with public documents, news and a calendar.
  • A Public Library’s website with a news feed/blog.
  • A Mountain Lodges Website
  • A simple Informational/Advertising website.

The Fitch House, VT needed a website to advertise their independently run vacation rental along with a booking system. Competing with airbnb they are one of the top ranked stays in the area in search results, helped by Search Engine Optimization.
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Dan Witte is a photographer showcasing panoramic art.
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Martin Roberts Gallery, already had a website design. I took that and modernized it for mobile. As well as implementing an online shopping cart and checkout to order art, with SSL encryption for secure transactions. It features an interactive interface for selecting and displaying custom frames for each painting. Click on the Shop Artwork button to see what can be done.
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Woodbury VT, posts news updates, and a calendar of town events. The site features an interactive map of the town and a gallery of photos taken by several locals. It also had a nextcloud installed for managing and displaying the towns public documents.
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Dansville Public Library had led the charge in the region of western NY, in its computer, web and internet connection technology. The site was built in 1996 by my father. I redesigned and rebuilt most of the 20 years worth of features, upgrades and additions. Some of these include, obituaries listings, arrivals listings, a news feed, and a publicly contributed to events calendar. The new design features some newer web technology such as a responsive design to fit any mobile screen. It also now has wordpress built into it to provide CMS editing for every page and feature from a single login.
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McGee Creek Lodge is nestled at the foot of the Eastern Sierras, Providing access to mountain, snow, and fishing adventures. Their website lists their rooms with individual pricing and features a gallery of local imagery. This website was made reusing elements an older version of the site such as a retro gif animation.
This Website is no longer Live.

Howe Gentle Needed a simple website for information about their business and contact information.
This Website is no longer Live.