Here are some of my recent projects, including remarks on how they are used by small businesses and organizations. A web presence is important for any business, allowing customers to find basic information instantly online which leads to more contacts, sales, and increased brand loyalty. Further, each of these sites is used in unique ways by the business and the community in which it operates.

Town of Woodbury Vermont

Woodbury VT, posts meeting minutes, news updates, a calendar or events, as well as their own online petitions. The site features an interactive map of the town and a gallery of photos taken by several locals.


Dansville Public Library

Dansville Public Library had led the charge in the region of western NY, in its computer, web and internet connection technology. The site was built in 1996 by my father. I redesigned and rebuilt most of the 20 years worth of features, upgrades and additions. Some of these include, obituaries listings, arrivals listings, a news feed, and a publicly editable events calendar. The new design features some newer web technology such as a responsive design to fit any mobile screen. It also now has wordpress built into it to provide CMS editing for every page and feature from a single login.


Howe Gentle Chiropractic

McGee Creek

McGee Creek Lodge is nestled at the foot of the Eastern Sierras, Providing access to mountain, snow, and fishing adventures. Their website lists their rooms with individual pricing and features a gallery of local imagery. This website was made including elements from a much more retro version so some of those elements were reused.


Roots of Wellness Coaching


Stories Connect

Stories Connect is Cris Riedel Story Teller, she maintains a blog of story telling tips and sells her CD’s via PayPal


Big Time Art

Big time Art, or Martin Roberts Gallery, already had a website design. I took that and modernized it for mobile. As well as implementing an online shopping cart and checkout to order art, with SSL encryption for secure transactions. Click on the Shop Artwork button to see what can be done.



Growing Places Creative Learning Center specializes in childhood education, including a pre-k program with a focus on creativity, the environment, nature, and a global perspective.

This website was inspired by the garden at Growing Places, which has been built by the community. The site utilizes a simple layout and color scheme to create its appearance rather than complex graphical manipulation. Highlights are a gallery of kids’ artwork and a discussion forum.



Massachusetts local food is an online food co-op that uses an online shopping cart and a pickup and delivery distribution system to bring local food straight from the farm to your home.

This website utilizes the open-source Local Food Coop software with a highly customized interface.


The Betsy Writers Room is a creative space within the Betsy Hotel – South Beach in Miami which provides short residencies for artists.

The site allows administrators to post the schedule of visiting artists, with a current gallery of residents past and present, as well as a guest book blog.



Jayne Acomb LCSW is a lifecoach and meditation councilor who is branching out her business through local events and online tools.

The site facilitates a blog, mailing list and event signups.



The Hochster Golf Tournament is hosted annually by Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, NY.

Quaker Ridge uses the site for live score keeping.


My Projects


A web database and interface for graphing snow depth and temperature data collected remotely using a network of wireless sensors.


Web based Software for managing events and/or volunteer tasks, intended for Non-Profits. It is currently being used at Growing Places in this installation: My GP. As it becomes more stable I intend to release it for free, if anyone is interested in my set-up and support service please let me know.