Example Features

Below are example website features I have built or customized. In addition to these I can build or customize any database driven software we can think of.

Each of these examples can be custom designed visually or functionally to fit your needs.

Click on the link below each window or visit my Portfolio page to view these features as full websites.

Below are powerful example features fully customized to meet a clients need for their business:

This demonstration page is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, but the actual linked websites are functional on mobile as well.

Blog/News Feed

Make long form posts or a short digest on your homepage:

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Have a short digest of recent posts and calendar events on your homepage:

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Shopping Carts / Accepting Credit Cards Store Example

Accept Credit Cards in an Online Store, Invoicing, Paid Memberships, Digital Content, Booking Systems, or Donations

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Reservations/Booking Software Example

Take Reservations and keep an availability calendar.

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Show all of your photos in one beautiful place.

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Interactive Map

Generate a map of any location with clickable points, display any Geo-spacial data, including heatmaps.

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Self Hosted Cloud File Sharing, Calendar and Webmail with Nextcloud

Host your own private file-sharing cloud system on your own website and even display them publicly on the website.

Nextcloud Feature Example

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Custom Calendars, digested in any format on your homepage or around the website.

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