Coffee Equipment

I fancy a fancy cup of coffee on a daily basis, usually 2 to 3 times a day.

I do not spend a lot on beans except on special occasions. I usually get the cheaper beans available at any grocery store. However this can still make a tasty cup of coffee if you put in the extra effort and cost of equipment.

I start the water boiling in my goose neck bonavita thermometer controlled electric water heater.

I weigh my beans directly into the grinder sitting on top of a scale.

I hand Grind my beans in a burr grinder. The hand grinding doesn’t add anything special but the Burr Grinder crushes the beans evenly instead of chopping them with a blade grinder, creating even grounds of a very specific coarseness.

Once the beans are ground I wet the Chemex filter.

Then Empty the water and pour the grounds into the filter placing the Chemex onto my scale

Finally I slowly pour the water onto the beans.

I use the remaining water to heat my mug.

Enjoy your cup of coffee.

All of these steps are pretty involved more so than filling the reservoir and hitting a switch. But it makes a very tasty cup of coffee.

My favorite is when I use a home roaster and get quality light roast beans fresh for a pot.

Here is the Recipe I use more or less. From Stumptown.

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