Coffee Equipment

I fancy a fancy cup of coffee on a daily basis, usually 2 to 3 times a day.

I do not spend a lot on beans except on special occasions. I usually get the cheaper beans available at any grocery store. However this can still make a tasty cup of coffee if you put in the extra effort and cost of equipment.

I start the water boiling in my goose neck bonavita thermometer controlled electric water heater.

I weigh my beans directly into the grinder sitting on top of a scale.

I hand Grind my beans in a burr grinder. The hand grinding doesn’t add anything special but the Burr Grinder crushes the beans evenly instead of chopping them with a blade grinder, creating even grounds of a very specific coarseness.

Once the beans are ground I wet the Chemex filter.

Then Empty the water and pour the grounds into the filter placing the Chemex onto my scale

Finally I slowly pour the water onto the beans.

I use the remaining water to heat my mug.

Enjoy your cup of coffee.

All of these steps are pretty involved more so than filling the reservoir and hitting a switch. But it makes a very tasty cup of coffee.

My favorite is when I use a home roaster and get quality light roast beans fresh for a pot.

Here is the Recipe I use more or less. From Stumptown.

Wits’ Enj: What’s Who?

Wits’ Enj is a programming and design business recently started by me, Ben Witte. This is the initial post of my new blog, it explains the origin of my companies name, logo, and the purpose of this blog.

The Name

Wits’ Enj is a play on words for the turn of phrase: wits’ end. Where Wits’ is similar to my last name Witte (pronounced like witty) and Enj is a nickname derived from Benjamin. (Benjamin–>Enjabain–>Enj). The name embodies me and my creative side which I put to use in my designs.

The Logo


Once in a while when designing I will be at wits’ end and, like in the logo, hurl an idea off a cliff, Sometimes that same idea turns out just right in the “Enj”.

The Logo works for branding purposes, the main header version, at the top of this page, walks newcomers through the concept making the transition from W to E plain, The simple version to the right is memorable, funny, and scalable, and finally I can take it a step further and use the tilted W as a favicon, as seen on your URL bar or tab heading of this page.

Now that you have been walked through my naming and logo and seen just how many puns I can fit into a two word name concept, I hope you can give some feedback. Is it clever, too confusing or just silly?

The Blog

I look forward to posting more ideas on this blog, either to share finished work or to ask for feedback.

The blog will consist of tutorials, software reviews, recipes and travel experiences. I may have to start off with a coffee recipe which I make daily. Mostly the blog will be used to facilitate a community among the blogs and services and products that I respect. Something that I try to stress when I create a blogging website for someone is that they should explore similar blogs, or blogs from their local area to share links and feedback with. This results in more traffic, authentic comments, and closer web communities.

Have any thoughts on blogging, my logo, or my new business name?

Become a part of my community by commenting!