About Wits’ Enj Web Development and Ben Witte

Ben Witte

My name is Ben Witte and I am a Web Developer and the sole proprietor of my business: Wits’ Enj, the name of which is a play on words from my last name and nickname Enj. I am now based out of Woodbury, VT in Central Vermont and have spent the previous few years traveling and living in Seattle, WA, Hamilton, MT, San Diego, CA, and my home town of Dansville, NY. Along the road I have been working with local businesses to improve their web interfaces and operations.

I graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelors degree in computer science in 2012. My concentration was in databases and interfaces, both of which go hand in hand with web programming and design. I was taught HTML as a 6 year old building my own website. But in college I fell in love with the new standards and power of HTML5 and CSS3 and the Open Source standardized technology of the web has proven boundless when used with Javascript, PHP, and SQL databases.

I offer online marketing, blogs, SEO and integration with all areas of the social web.

I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, and Java.

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